Sacramento Pouch Project brings existing babywearers together with new parents and other caregivers in Sacramento County to spread babywearing knowledge and distribute free carriers to caregivers who may otherwise not be able to safely and comfortably wear their babies and toddlers. We collect gently used carriers from individuals and solicit donations of new carriers from companies so that we can match caregivers with a carrier that will work for them and their child(ren). Additionally, each meeting includes an activity designed to bring caregivers and their young children (0-5) together to help attendees form connections with other caregivers that will last beyond our meeting times.



We are all caregivers who use baby carriers to “babywear” our children. We have found that wearing our babies and toddlers has made daily tasks — shopping, cleaning, taking care of our other children, etc. — and socializing with other caregivers easier. Some of our founding members also credit babywearing with helping them to bond with their children and minimize the effects of post-partum anxiety and depression. Many of us have also found that babywearing has helped us to breastfeed our children, sometimes for an extended period of time. Our experiences are supported by recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics (healthychildren.org), which suggests babywearing as a response to crying and as a way to help baby form a strong attachment to caregivers. The benefits of babywearing have had such an impact on our lives and our relationships with our children and each other that we would like to spread babywearing knowledge and resources to others in our community.

Samantha (wearing a toddler in a black and white baby carrier), Rebecca (wearing a newborn in a aqua marble ring sling), and Delilah stand in front of a circluar seal with the words "County of Sacramento" visible.
Samantha, Rebecca and Delilah, after the Commission meeting that officially awarded Sacramento Pouch Project a First 5 Sacramento Community Connections Grant.


Samantha is a mother of three children (ages 4 and under), a social worker and a former teacher. When she’s not teaching families how to use baby carriers, she recommends books that help parents have difficult conversations with their kids on her Instagram @iknowabookforthat and gives talks to parents’ groups about the same topic. She also enjoys crafting, travel and Podcasts.


Delilah is a lifetime Sacramento resident and mother to two children (ages 1 and 7). She works as an instructional assistant III for young adults with disabilities. Delilah was born without her left hand and is skilled at using a woven wrap to carry her younger son on her back. She is particularly interested in helping other caregivers with disabilities wear their children comfortably and safely. She is also passionate about giving women of color access to affordable ways to wear their babies and connect with their history.


Rebecca is a former leader of Sacramento Babywearers, was on the planning committee for the International Babywearing Conference, and she completed the certification process to become a Volunteer Babywearing Educator through Babywearing International in July 2018. Before becoming a mother, Rebecca worked with children with orthopedic impairments; she’s happy to answer any questions families have about using baby carriers with their children with disabilities. Rebecca loves exploring Sacramento with her three kids (4 and under) and chronicles their “field trips” on her Instagram account @fieldtripvan. She is also a graphic designer who specializes in one-of-a-kind invitations and gifts.


Do you, or someone you know, need a baby carrier, babywearing education and/or a group of caregivers to provide support and community? Please contact us at sacramentopouchproject@gmail.com for more information about becoming a SPP recipient caregiver.